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Gerbera 1.1 Released

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I am proud to announce the second release of the Gerbera media server. There have been over 110 commits since 1.0 from 13 awesome contributors. So whats new? Modern

Gerbera v1.0 Released

I am proud to announce the first release of the Gerbera media server! There have been over 340 commits since the last commit on the MediaTomb git. These including porting

Now with 100% more Ghoul

Due to a server upgrade I decided to migrate this blog to ghost. As a result comments are gone (they are going to add disqus support at some stage it

Life, Gentoo & Sabayon

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As always, long time no blog, so lets hope this one is good, eh? I have become Gentoo developer. Which I was pretty happy about. This means of course that