Gnome Shell… Meh

Now with any major new release of GNOME you are going to get a lot of “OMG totally awesome new stuff in gnome!” posts. When there are blogs out there with names like “omgubuntu” you have to expect this.

Gnome 3.0 at its core seems to be gnome shell bolted onto a standard gnome 2.2x, with the primary purpose it seems of hyping gnome using a bigger version number. Maybe its because KDE is now solid and gnome think they need something closer to KDE’s Plasma?

However, I will watch with interest at what happens in regards to gnome shell, Its nice to see that if needed Gnome can do something new. Great. The real question is do you want it to do something new?

For me its a No, I don’t. Gnome is generally preferred by businesses building a working desktop out of Linux, why? Because its solid, predictable, a tried a tested desktop, why mess with it….that’s KDEs job!

That’s why it wont be included in Ubuntu until late 2010 I suppose. Looking like Empathy all over again.

And breaking Compiz compatibility is not cricket. Its only really ever worked properly on Gnome, I’ve moved on to Kwin now but that is beside the point.

In other news, I’m very happy that you have all voted “HELL YEAH” to keeping libdvdcss for many of the reasons I originally gave to keep it, I have 0 clue why Fabio wanted it removed anyway.

It does mean however that we cant be included on cover disks of magazines, which is a shame, would love to see Sabayon on the cover of Linux Format, but playing DVDs out of the box is always a winner with me!